diy birthday onesie

by katherine |

We had two half birthdays in our house this week, so I couldn’t resist capturing the moment. Hadley was born two days before Nick’s 29th birthday, so most of his birthday was spent hanging out on a very uncomfortable pull out sofa in a hospital room (all for a good cause, of course). I made sure our parents had a Belle’s Bread strawberry cake waiting when we got home to make up for it. If you live in Columbus and haven’t been to Belle’s Bread yet, its a must!

Anyway, I saw the cutest “it’s my half birthday” onesie on Instagram, but at $30 it was out of my budget for a one-time wear. I figured it would be super easy to DIY! Below are the supplies and a free printable iron on. I’ve also included “it’s my birthday” as another printable. These are adorable on both onesies and adult t-shirts, and they make a great photo op! All you need is a hard surface, iron and printer to get started.


  • Iron
  • Hard surface to iron on (I used our wood table)
  • Iron on paper (I used this)
  • Inkjet printer
  • Onesie or t-shirt


  1. Download the .jpg file
  2. Print onto iron on paper
  3. Cut out text – it’s best to cut as close as you can around the text
  4. Place the paper on your shirt or onesie
  5. Iron on a hard surface (not an ironing board) until you can easily peel up the corner
  6. Rock your new shirt or onesie!   
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