katherine’s master bedroom reveal

by katherine |

We moved into our house at the end of December, 2014. It took three years, but we finally got around to remodeling our upstairs level (which consists of the master suite and a loft) at the end of 2017. It took FOREVER, but it was worth the wait!


When we started our remodel I knew I wanted a dark, moody master bedroom. I really love sleeping in (though it’s hard nowadays with a 7 month old) and the dark walls are perfect for that, haha. Everyone thought I was crazy when I said I was painting our room black, but when they see it they love it! I brought the bright white ceiling color down onto the wall to align with the door height, which really makes the ceiling appear taller. The dark paint creates a cozy vibe, and the layered lighting also really helps. Instead of table lamps on each nightstand we installed pendant lights. This makes it feel like a hotel, and the copper interior of the fixture casts such a nice, warm glow.

We carried the walnut hardwood floors upstairs, which also add a lot of warmth to the space. The wood floors are layered with a plush, ivory area rug to add a bit of global flair.

I’m also a sucker for anything mid-century modern, so we went with a clean-lined upholstered bed in a light gray tweed fabric, and flanked each side with textural nightstands I found at Target! This is our first King sized bed, and it is life changing!!! I honestly don’t know how we lasted so long in a Queen bed, haha! Our dresser is an antique MCM piece, and it really isn’t very functional – but it’s pretty! So we use dressers that are out in our loft area for clothing storage.

Most of our updates were just aesthetic finishes, but we did make a few major changes to the space. We added a door going into the master bathroom, it was laid out differently before – so there was just a door on the toilet/shower portion at the time. When we changed the layout, a new doorway was necessary! We also changed the windows. Since we added the doorway, the new wall intersected the old window. And we also added a walk-in closet! We took a little space from the loft (since we rarely use that space) to create our closet. I love it!! We used the Ikea Algot system, and it has made organizing my closet so much easier.


We’ve been using our new master for a little over a year now, and I still love everything about it. It’s super cozy, and I love lounging in bed and watching TV after a long day, usually while enjoying a glass of wine 😉

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*the nightstands, bedding & bench are no longer available.

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