one room challenge week 2 | bathroom demo

by amy |

Warning: there are no pretty pictures in this post. Proceed at your own risk.

I can’t believe Week 1 is done! Last week, I introduced our design plans for our bathroom remodel and this week was demo. We gutted the entire bathroom to start fresh and ended up running into a few unexpected surprises during the process.

On day one of demo, the first thing we removed was the mirror and vanity. We noticed that wall is pretty bad, so we are going to tear it down and install new drywall specially designed for a bathroom. You can also see a hole in the floor that goes straight down to the basement next to the laundry hook up. We are pretty sure there used to be a smaller vanity there and that hole was actually a laundry shoot.

When we removed the shower walls, we were greeted with a nice baby blue and white tile straight out of the 60’s – which is actually covering up some even prettier wallpaper that you can see on the right.

Day two of demo, and this bathroom is completely gutted. There’s also another hole that was under the tub which you can see straight down to the basement. Hopefully our cat doesn’t fall through ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ . I caught her in that hole in the wall on the left a few days ago. She’s not the smartest, but we still love her.

I also started ordering some of our hardware and picked up the tile for the floor on Sunday. The tile I ended up going with is a little different than the one I posted in my mood board, and I am in love. I originally found it at Home Depot, but Katherine suggested I look at Floor & Decor. I ended up finding it there for almost half the price! (thanks kath!)

Next on our to-do list is to install new drywall and purchase a few more of the materials we will need. Still trying to find a vanity light that I like and is in our budget. It will also be the only light source in the bathroom so I need to make sure it will be bright enough. Hoping to get some of this done tomorrow night (wild Friday night plans, I know) since we will be out of town most of the weekend – let the stressing begin!

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See you all next week!

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