muddled blackberry gin and tonic

Monday was the Mondayest Monday. Do you ever have those? I normally don’t have any drinks during the week, but after a long day the nice weather was an invitation to make a cocktail and have dinner on the patio.

We had some blackberries that hadn’t been eaten yet, so I decided to muddle a few for some gin and tonics. Typically I am not a gin and tonic gal, but we recently picked up Vim & Petal Gin from Middle West Spirits, and it is delicious. Not to mention, the blackberries added a fruity twist. These were quick, easy and perfect for the warm weather.


  • 1.5 ounces gin
  • tonic water
  • 4-5 blackberries
  • lime wedge
  • rosemary for garnish
  • ice

To make the cocktail:

  • muddle 1-2 blackberries in a bar glass
  • add gin
  • add ice
  • top with tonic water
  • add juice of one lime wedge
  • garnish with a few blackberries and sprig of rosemary

Makes 1 serving

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