baby travel must haves

We recently took our first family vaca as a family of three, and luckily it went smoother than expected! The three of us flew down to Naples, FL for four days, and Hadley loved every minute of it! We definitely have a water baby on our hands. She looooved splashing around in the pool, and putting her toes in the sand for the first time on the beach. It was pretty adorable.

I did get a lot of advice on flying with a baby before actually doing so – which I think definitely helped! The number one tip I received was to give her a bottle at take off. We did this and she slept the entire flight!!

Below are a list of a few of my favorite items I used while traveling with a baby. I don’t think I could have survived without these must haves!

1.Beaba Formula & Snack Container

I used this everyday we were on vacation, and on the plane! This way I just had to bring bottles filled with water along to make her formula and not worry about refrigeration. This container has a pour spout on the top that screws on, so it makes it super easy to make a bottle on the go. I also stored puffs in the bottom stack.

2. Stroller Fan

this fan was perfect for poolside naptime! we just attached it to the end of the carseat and Hadley napped in her stroller in the shade. It’s also perfect for walks on hot days.

3. Neutrogena Baby Sunscreen Stick

I love these neutrogena sunscreen sticks for both babies and adults! They’re so easy to apply, and it kept Hadley sunburn free while we were in Florida.

4. Carseat/Stroller Travel Bag

I didn’t even think about storing our carseat and stroller on the plane until the last minute (oops!) but these bags were the perfect solution. We all know how rough airports are on luggage, and since these were checked at the gate and just thrown on the plane this was an easy option.

5. Happy Baby Organic Superfood Puffs

These kept Hadley entertained on the flight, and also kept her chewing to relieve any ear pressure she may have experienced while flying. They seemed to work because she didn’t cry at all on the flight!

6. Sun Cap

This little sun cap is so cute, and keeps the sun off of your baby’s neck!

7. Pottery Barn Kids Beach Towel

I had to get this adorable embroidered towel for Hadley. They have so many cute designs, and they make for the perfect photo op!

8. Medela Quick Clean Wipes

Of course as soon as we got on the plane Hadley started playing with the tray table. Ahh! I’m such a germ-a-phobe, so I used these wipes to wipe everything I could on the plane. I also always wipe down changing tables with these before using them!

9. Babyganics Hand Sanitizer

Again with the germs, haha! This hand sanitizer is alcohol free and baby-friendly, so I always keep this in my diaper bag to wipe down dirty hands.

These were all lifesavers for me! I also brought along some of my all time favorite baby items too, including her BIB’s pacifiers, and her teether.

Do you have any favorite baby items that I should try?! Comment below.

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