kalimotxo cocktail

The kalimotxo sounds like the weirdest drink ever – but I promise it’s delicious! I first tried one of these at the Hubbard Grille a few years ago when they were a special on their cocktail menu..tbh I wasn’t sure of them at first, but they really grew on me. It is basically just red wine mixed with cola, served over ice. The tartness of the wine is really balanced out by the sweetness of the cola, and it creates the perfect drink for a hot summer night when you want red wine…but it’s so hot!

The Spanish legend says the kalimotxo was created when servers started mixing red wine that was not up to par with leftover cola. The drink servers in the tents are called “txosna” in Basque festivals and they mix the subpar wine and cola and name it after two friends, Kalimero and Motxo, now Kalimotxo.

This drink is easier to pronounce than you may think – the “tx” makes a “ch” sound as in chicken.  Sound it out like this: Cal-E-Mo-Cho.

The kalimotxo is typically served in short rocks glasses. Plenty of ice is added, then the red wine and cola. I love the caramel flavors of the cola with the rich, cherry flavors of the wine. And to top it off, I added a couple extra morello cherries to really bring out that cherry flavor!


  • 16 oz. red wine (you can use a low cost wine here! we used Trader Joe’s MoonX Cabernet)
  • 16 oz. cola
  • morello cherries for garnish (I found these at Trader Joe’s)
  • ice

To make the cocktail:

  • mix the wine and soda together
  • pour over ice
  • garnish with a few morello cherries

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