spice rack organization

I’ve been wanting to organize my spices for SO long and finally found a system I’m happy with! I love the acrylic spice rack from The Container Store – it’s so modern, and not an eye sore to keep out on your counter. Of course, I have to be difficult and make my own labels because I couldn’t find any in a font I was happy with.

You can create your own modern spice display with the steps below! Just transfer your spices, make your labels, and you have a gorgeous, organized spice rack. I had to use two spice racks to fit all of my spices, so plan accordingly!

You’ll need:


  • Download the labels below
  • Print onto your round sticker-labels
  • Stick them onto the tops of your spice jars – try to center them on the lid before sticking them down
  • Transfer your spices into the new jars
  • Organize alphabetically – or however you choose!

I’m so happy with how these turned out. They’re sleek and modern, and make my kitchen look so cohesive and clean!

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