mimosa cubes

There is no such thing as brunch without mimosas, amiright? Well, last weekend we decided to try something new to put a spin on your average mimosa – insert mimosa cubes! This was such a fun way to customize a mimosa with different flavors of juice.

mimosa juice cubes

The day before, we made some juice cubes using the molds Katherine had for Hadley’s baby food and they worked perfectly! You can use any ice cube mold, but we would suggest using a large ice mold so the cubes don’t melt too fast. Since you are making larger cubes, we recommend making your cubes at least 24 hours in advance so they have enough time to freeze.

brunch mimosas

For our cubes, we used orange juice and To The Power of Seven Juice Blend from Trader Joe’s, which was delicious! This is where you can get creative and mix it up with some of your favorites.

Once you are ready for your drink, pick a flavor cube from the freezer and add your favorite bubbly.


The cubes are so fun and help keep your drink cold as they melt. We can’t wait to try these again in the future!

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