diy custom name shirt

who doesn’t love a baby in a custom name shirt – amiright? they are so cute, customizable, and easy to make!! I just used an iron to iron-on the letters since my sewing skills are a bit rusty, but you could also sew the letters on if you’re up for it! One thing to note – Hadley’s sweatshirt is an 18 month size, and the six letters just fit – so if your baby has a longer name you may need to wait until they are in a larger size.

All you need to create your own custom name shirt is:

To make the sweatshirt:

  • place your shirt on a hard surface that can be ironed on – like a wooden table
  • place your letters where you’d like them – I lined mine up with the armpit area of the shirt
  • put your tea towel over the letters. using a white tea towel makes it easy to see what you’re doing as you’re ironing
  • put your iron on high with no steam
  • place your iron on the letters and hold it still rather than moving it back and forth – this will make the letters move
  • once you get the letters secured down, iron over each corner of each letter to make sure they are all fixed.
  • make your baby or child model for you – or make one for yourself!!

Disclaimer: it is basically impossible to get a toddler to sit still for a photo haha

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