cat themed birthday party!

Nick and Hadley had a joint birthday party this year – Nick’s 30th and Hadley’s we went all out!
Hadley is in loooove with our cats, and Nick loves them too, of course – so a cat party was an obvious choice. We had cat shaped cookies and cakes, cat candles and plates – anddd both Hadley and Nick had kitty outfits. We had our favorite Boozy Capri Suns along with pizza and grilled wings! It was a perfect day and both Nick and Hadley were showered in gifts.

Take a look at some of our favorite moments from the day..

Hadley loved her cat themed party, she’s really into dogs now too haha, especially golden retrievers. So we’ll see what our theme is next year!

Photography: Hyde&Co.

Birthday Dress: Taylor Joelle

Cookies: Sweets by Deb

Cat Cake: Mama Mia’s Smash Cakes

Balloon Garland: Jamboree Style

Cat hair clip, Candles: Meri Meri

Cat Planter: Hobby Lobby

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