first trimester recap

I still can’t believe we are having a baby!

When I first found out I was pregnant, I was in complete shock. While we had been trying, I was certain the test that month was going to be negative. In fact, two tests I had taken earlier in the week were, but as the week went on I knew something was off. I took a third test and to my shock and surprise, it came back positive. Instead of waiting to do something cute to tell Casey, I immediately called him while he was on his way to work to tell him the news. I had been using ovulation and pregnancy test strips I got off Amazon, so when I got to work that morning I ran across the street to the store to buy a digital test, because everyone wants to take a test at work. But, alas, I did because I couldn’t wait. After three long minutes, the test said “Pregnant”.

Exhausted and Nauseous

I couldn’t believe how fast the symptoms came. Within a couple days of finding out, I was exhausted and napping all the time. I read that growing a human is equivalent to running a marathon every day and I definitely felt that. Around week 6, the nausea hit and stayed until about week 12. You always hear about women having “morning sickness”. Let me just say, I would have welcomed “morning sickness” with open arms. Instead, I was blessed with “all day sickness”. From the moment I woke up until the minute I went to sleep, I felt horrible. I also felt horrible complaining about it. I tried to remind myself that being sick was a good sign, but to be honest, pregnancy was not fun for me for the first trimester. I just didn’t feel like myself at all anymore.

Food Aversions/Cravings

I really haven’t had any major cravings. In fact, during the first trimester it was really difficult for me to eat anything. The thought of food alone would make me feel sick. The only things that even sounded slightly appetizing were pizza and junk food.

Body Image

This is something I have always struggled with and was pretty nervous about before getting pregnant. I am still working on feeling okay in my body and reminding myself everyday to be grateful for what my body is going through. I did have one meltdown after I got out of the shower one day. Hormones, amirite? My pants basically stopped fitting immediately since most of them are high waisted, so I’ve been living in leggings, dresses and anything with a stretchy waistband. I recently took the plunge and ordered some maternity clothes so I can wear jeans as the weather gets cooler. Before getting pregnant, I was regularly going to the gym, but once I got pregnant, I was feeling too sick to do anything physical. I’m still in the process of trying to find the motivation to get back into a routine now that I am feeling better, but I have been trying to at least get out and walk every day.

First Doctor’s Appointment

Finally, at around 9 weeks we had our first ultrasound. I was so anxious leading up to this appointment. I just wanted some concrete proof that I was indeed pregnant. While baby didn’t look like much of a human, it was reassuring to see that there was a baby in there! Casey and I had discussed genetic testing before the appointment and decided it was something we really wanted to do, so at 10 weeks I did blood work for the NIPT test. Waiting for those results felt like forever, but about a week later we finally received them.

I got a notification around 10:30am while I was at work, but we had decided we wanted to open the results together. Again, my anxiety reared its ugly head as I watched the clock slowly make its way to 5pm. As soon as I got home I ran to find Casey and we opened the results. Thankfully everything came back negative and we also found out we were having a girl! We were kind of hoping for a girl, although would have been happy either way. We couldn’t wait to share the news with our friends and family, and we weren’t planning on doing a big reveal, so we immediately texted and called everyone to let them know the news.

A Scary Moment

During week 13, we had our first check up. I knew we weren’t going to get an ultrasound at this appointment, but I was excited to hear baby’s heartbeat again. After answering what felt like a million questions, the doctor finally asked if we wanted to listen to the heartbeat. As I was laying down, she informed me that since baby is still pretty small at this stage it may take a couple minutes to find the heartbeat with the Doppler. A couple minutes went by and we hadn’t heard anything yet. My heart started to drop and I became more and more nervous with each passing second.

Finally she said if she couldn’t find it we would do a quick ultrasound. She reassured me that this can happen, but of course my mind went to the worst possible place. Meanwhile, Casey is sitting cool as a cucumber across the room. At first I was confused why he wasn’t as nervous as I was, but after looking back on the situation I feel lucky to have someone who can be strong and balance out my anxiety in moments like this.

She took me to the ultrasound room, and as soon as she started we immediately saw baby. Tears welled up in my eyes knowing everything was okay. It was so cute getting to see her moving all around and looking like a tiny little human. I immediately fell in love with her in that moment. We listened to the heartbeat and she printed out some pictures for us to take home. I spent the rest of the day staring at her.

I’m currently 16 weeks and feeling better. My bump is starting to pop just a little, and I am excited to see it grow. We’ve also started getting some decor for the nursery, and I am planning on doing a post about our nursery inspo so stay tuned for that!

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